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Our books are currently open.

As a member of a co-operative, you'll be both an actor and an agent. It's a hugely supportive place, but one that requires commitment and drive for not only your career, but the career of your fellow creatives. You'll get a team of actors and agents on your side, too. 

If this excites you – get in touch. We want to hear from you. 


What is a Co-operative Agency?

A co-operative agency is where the actor is also the agent. As an actor and agent you are required to work in the office on behalf of the other actor/clients when not performing. Each actor commits three days a month to the agency, sees applicants' and clients' shows and attends business meetings on a monthly basis.


What are the benefits of a Co-operative Agency?

Members benefit from a high quality, connected and bespoke representation. The agency runs as a not-for-profit organization which allows for a very high agent to actor ratio on any given office day.  As members work together closely on a regular basis they are more confident of each other's strengths and talents. Members are not paid for their office time but instead the agency charges lower commission rates and each actor has stronger control over their career.

As a member of the agency, each actor has a great deal of knowledge of how the industry works and what is currently being produced.  The agency is a friendly and supportive collective which eliminates the 'waiting for the phone to ring' feeling and instead empowers the actors to take control of their careers, surrounded by like-minded creative people.

How to apply to become a member of The Actors File: 

Please fill out our application form HERE

Please do not send applications to our email, and in an effort to be planet friendly, please avoid sending any hard copies to our office.

You will need to enter your Spotlight pin to use the application form.


Please let the agency know why you would like to become a member, what you have done so far in your career (training and productions) and what you would like to do in the future. Please also let the agency know why you'd specifically like co-operative personal management and what you could bring to this side of the business.

To consider representing you, we need to see your work. If you're currently in a live show or appearing on screen please provide details. If not, don't worry, The Actors File also holds regular auditions to ensure the agency is open to those who aren't currently working.


Finally don't forget to let the agency know if you have worked with or met any of our existing members.​

The Actors File's books are open to actors from all casting brackets, genders, ethnicities and ages. We look for talented, friendly and hard-working actors who want to be part of a supportive, creative and successful agency.​


We are particularly interested in applications from performers that are underrepresented due to (but not limited to) the following: ability, age, class, gender, race, sexuality.


If you feel that we have failed to include a particular group or any of the wording is inappropriate then please contact us on: and we will endeavor to address this as soon as possible.

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